The large Norwegian signature campaign, mainly signed by artists, against the cooperatin between the National Theatre of Norway and Israel. Several actors and other people employed at the theatre signed:

An open letter to the National theatre from the think tank TeaterTanken arguing against the cooperation:

The reply from the theatre director, Hanne Tømta:

Campaign video against the cooperation with interviews from Palestine and Israel:

A comprehensive article arguing against the cooperation with Habima (in Norwegian):

Letter from theatre director of Habima, Ilan Ronen, urging National Theatre of Norway to break their ultimatum that Habima has to quit performing in the illegal settlements.

The official decision to continue the cooperation weeks after truce in Gaza 2104. Hanne Tømta withdraws ultimatum for Habima not to play in the illegal settlements:

Demonstration outside the National Theatre:

One of the main trade unions supporting the protest demonstration: